FABLES - 2023

"Fables," the third release from Silpho, emerges as a compelling companion piece to their preceding album "Future Past." This EP delves into a minimalist soundscape, conceptualized as compositions by Eva, "The Final Girl," and performed by a unique ensemble of her own clones. The music is a reflection of her isolated existence in a dystopian future, where echoes of her thoughts and emotions are carried out through the somber yet resonant sounds of her imagined band.

The narrative and thematic core of "Fables" is partly inspired by the story of Hannah from the video game DayZ, who embarks on a similar quest through the mysterious terrains of Chernarus and Livonia. This connection is explicitly made in the EP's opening track, which shares a name with the game's setting, establishing a bridge between Eva's fictional universe in "Future Past" and another character's parallel journey in an alternate reality.

"Waterland," a standout track on the EP, bringing the core duo of Silpho back to the forefront with a guitar and drum-heavy duet. This piece revisits the profound connection that music can forge between individuals, a theme that resonates deeply with the overall ethos of the EP and parent record, Future Past. Here, the tactile and raw interplay of guitar strings and drum beats underscores the duo's exploration of mutual artistic and emotional landscapes.

The other tracks on "Fables" further evoke a deep sense of loneliness—a feeling universal to human experience, whether one is wandering the familiar streets of a hometown or navigating the alienation of a far-future dystopia. Through its minimalist yet expressive compositions, the EP probes the perennial question of what it means to be human, suggesting that the quest for identity and understanding is as timeless as the stories we tell about ourselves.

"Fables" is not merely an EP but a narrative artifact from a future both imagined and intensely personal, offering listeners a window into a world where music serves as the last vestige of human connection and self-expression.